Sarah Wolf, Attorney
Protecting Loved Ones, Assets & Aspirations Via Estate Planning

Sarah Wolf, Attorney

Estate Planning & Probate

Trust & Estate Administration

Guardianships & Conservatorships


Estate Planning Protects Your Assets, Aspirations & Loved Ones

Estate planning and estate administration is our specialty - the only areas of law that our firm practices, allowing us to excel at finding best solutions for all kinds of estate planning scenarios.

Sarah Wolf, Attorney

Sarah Wolf, Attorney

We prepare comprehensive estate plans customized to your individual situation.  Asset titling and family relationships are critical to the implementation and success of an estate plan, so I take the time to ensure that these aspects are properly structured and documented.  I also include planning for disability.
Techniques include Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Transfer on Death Deeds, and Beneficiary Designations, among others.
— Sarah Wolf, Attorney

Sarah Wolf and her legal assistants bring over 70 years of combined legal experience and professionalism to help you carry out your wishes in life as well as after.  Team Wolf is on the pulse of changing laws, ready to chart a sound course for achieving your estate planning goals.

Sarah Wolf's law career began two decades ago in Douglas County Courthouse as Deputy District Attorney. Her next job was in her favorite area of law:  estate planning and administration. She's focused exclusively in this area ever since, opening and closing thousands of cases in Oregon.




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Legal Assistant, Lani

Legal Assistant, Lani

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Legal Assistant, Mary


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Areas of Practice


Wills are the best known aspect of estate planning.  A will directs the distribution of our assets after our death and preempts state laws that would otherwise direct how our assets would be distributed.

Guardianships & conservatorships

If you have a special needs adult, we will help you prepare for unforeseen circumstances by setting up a guardianship for care.  Similarly, financial care, if needed, requires a conservatorship.  This can be the same person as guardian or a different person.  We can prepare these documents allowing you to protect your loved one.


Executing or probating a will upon someone's death is a court-directed series of several events.  We specialize in probating wills, i.e., assisting you, the Executor, in accomplishing the tasks necessary to get your legal responsibilities finalized and assets distributed in a timely manner.

powers of attorney

Under Oregon law, someone must have special authority to act for another person.  Being a spouse or relative does not grant authority.  This special authority is almost always created by a document of some kind. We will assist you in customizing a document so that it is in place before help is needed.


 TRUSTS & Administration

There are many reasons to set up trusts. Maybe you've heard horror stories about the court probate process and expense.  In Oregon, and especially in Douglas County, cost of probate is much less than in states like California where living trusts originated.  We will help you determine whether the benefits of a living trust outweigh the costs in your particular circumstances.


If you already have estate planning documents in place, a periodic review may be prudent, especially if you move to a new state.  A review can protect you should changes in the law require updates to your document(s) and inform you of other possible estate planning options that may be available.



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