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Feedback from Clients

I met with Sarah to review and evaluate an existing family trust and found her to be knowledgeable, well informed, professional and immensely helpful. She explained certain aspects of the trust to me so that I could clearly understand some important areas. It was such a relief to have had the opportunity to review the trust with her. I was able to leave her office with peace of mind knowing the document was in good order and knowing what I needed to do to assure the trust was complete, sound and valid. I highly recommend Sarah for family trust / will, estate planning, trust / estate administration and any other legal services for related areas. Additionally, Lani who is a Legal Assistant with Sarah was welcoming and helpful. She made me feel at ease and her hospitality was above and beyond! There is no doubt where I’ll go for future legal services! Thanks for a great experience dealing with a legal matter where I was able to feel comfortable and confident in addressing my legal needs.
— Bev A.
Everyone was friendly and helpful. If preparing a will can be considered enjoyable, then the experience was. Very patient and understanding of our questions and concerns. Thank you!
— Greg and Feliz
We are very pleased with the work that Sarah and her staff have done for us. They are very thorough and very easy to work with.
— Patrick & Patricia B.
Simply said, Sarah is unquestionably “The Best” in her profession! She is truly a HEAD an’ shoulders counsellor above, most all others in her field, and beyond!
— Bob & Helen S.
I want to thank you for your services over the last 10 months.  You and Mary have been a great blessing for us. I will always remember your over-the-top measures taken to accommodate our very urgent need to have a will prepared for my very ill mother.  I left a message with your assistant Mary.  Mary listened carefully and assured me that you, Sarah, would call me as soon as you were available, which you did early that afternoon.  Mary had briefed you already so that when you called you were prepared to schedule an appointment for that same evening to accommodate our urgency.  Both you and your assistant, Mary came to our house at 7pm, in the evening, (due to Mom’s almost non-existent immune system).  Such graciousness is seldom experienced in a lifetime, I’m certain!  You took account of Mom’s assets, then explained calmly and thoroughly the laws pertaining to probate, inheritance, tax implications LLC’s, and much more, all summarily based on the information Mom provided.  I could not possibly convey you the extent of the relief we felt that night.  We knew then and there who you were professionally and depth of your integrity and compassion.  The legal services you and your assistants have provided throughout these months have remained consistent with that first phone call, ALWAYS Professional, Personal, Knowledgable, and Timely.  You have obviously set very high personal and professional standards for yourself and the results are beyond comparison.  From my heart, “Thank you, Sarah!”
— Laura C.
Hi Mary, attached is the client service questionnaire.  The question asking if I think I could of handled the case as well without an attorney made me laugh. I remember when I walked in your office the first time I was so overwhelmed before I even got started. You made it easy.  Thank you again for all your help.
— Carolyn N.
Sarah is an excellent estate planning attorney. She was an advocate for my mother’s interests over the past three years. She’s thorough and exacting in her work and always willing to give legal advice even beyond normal business hours. Sarah and her staff, in particular Mary Roosa, never let us down. Roseburg is blessed to have an attorney with Sarah’s talent and compassion.
— Diana W.
Sarah Wolf spent hours talking with my grandmother to ensure that she fully understood the ramifications of the document she was about to sign. Sarah and Mary are professional, personable and they did a great job for us.
— Candace P.


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