Sarah Wolf, Attorney
Protecting Loved Ones, Assets & Aspirations Via Estate Planning


Meet Team Wolf


Sarah Wolf

From her first assignment out of law school at the Douglas County District Attorney's office as Deputy District Attorney to her current solo practice, Sarah gained valuable experience working with other attorneys, both in the law offices of Chuck S. Gauger in Portland, Oregon and Richard Parsons in Roseburg.

With over two decades in the legal field, Sarah has hands-on experience with how today's decisions create tomorrow's triumphs.


office manager

Carleen oversees errand details, from delivering documents to ordering supplies.  If you aren't feeling well, she may bring you anything we can think of that will make life easier.


Admin Assistant

Neva facilitates the flow of documents, whether electronic or of the paper variety.  She fields incoming calls and takes on special projects of all kinds.



Mary Roosa
legal assistant

Mary keeps up with the various facets of law that involve probate administration. She manages the intricate process of probate administration for the firm, ensuring that each task is completed, at the proper time, in the proper order.