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Wishing You a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!


We'd like to thank all of our clients who have trusted and referred us to their friends and family over the years.  Without you, there would be no "us", so thank you for supporting us.  

We know visits with us are often about serious, life and death matters, which aren't always fun so we thought we'd pass along some humor about a serious subject.

One of our clients shared this video of how a few people in New Zealand are taking estate planning to a whole new level with "coffin clubs", making and decorating their own boxes.

Casket burials are being re-examined by some who do not want to occupy a metal box in a concrete vault for centuries to come.  They cite various reasons from "want to be fed to the worms", i.e., composted back into the earth for ecological concerns to economic pressures of a costly casket.  


Here's a 4 minute musical that had our office cracking up. Watch how these New Zealand kiwi's are redefining death.

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